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Our Vision

Carved Togetherness, together we create better everyday life

Our Mision

Combining an open basis with qualified vendors to create the Deal at the best price for our users while still upholding the standards of social values ​​in e-commerce and consistently being innovative developing the website for creating great experiences to our users and merchants.

What Do We Do

Love it. Buy it. Share it. Belanzaonline features deals on amazing products and services around your city including the latest activities, restaurants, fashion, furnitures, groceries and adventures. You can discover something new or revisit familiar places to treat yourself because you deserve to enjoy everything this world has to offer.


We bring the community together to get group deals with merchants so you can save money. You can't find our deals anywhere else! We work with the merchants to create attractive deals that you can feel great about!


Belanzaonline also gives you another reason to feel great. We donate a portion of each sale to charity! Our vision guides us to incorporate social responsibility into our organization. By bringing the community together through great deals, we hope to realize our ambitious goals while making a difference in people lives.


Who We Are

We are a talented group of people who are eager to create exciting experiences for customers. We are highly driven and always challenging our abilities to deliver surprising results. We are constantly searching products and services with it's most competitive price to our customers and innovating to improve our website to make life more efficient, easier, and happier.